John Brooke, Interntational Photographer and  Digital Video Expert With his fine creative eye and the latest advances in the digital production world, John Brooke harnessed  this emerging technology and created Cinemagical, to promote state-of-the-art cinematic experiences in Video, DVD and HD  (High Definition)

John Brooke began his professional career over 35 years ago with CBC in the production of an historic Canadian T.V. series called "Diberville".

Throughout the years he has worked in films with stars: Rod Taylor in " Darker Than Amber"; Sophia Loren and John Huston in "Angela"; and commercials for Certs, A.T. & T., Chevrolet and American Express. 

In the fashion industry, he achieved recognition for his memorable photographs featuring models wearing full length "Black Glama" mink coats while leading black Doberman Pinchers across the sand dunes of the Brego Desert.

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